Vihiluodon Kala in brief

The Company

Vihiluodon Kala Oy is a wholesale fish refining company. It was founded in 1989 in Oulunsalo and its clients include retail stores, restaurants as well as institutional kitchens.

Vihiluodon Kala´s fish products can be bought from well-equipped food stores throughout Finland, and its salmon products are also well known in Europe. High quality and hard work has enabled Vihiluoto Kala´s growth.

The New Premises

Vihiluodon Kala´s new production facilities were completed in the summer of 2011 and are located 20 kilometers south of Oulu. The new premises tripled their production capacity. In addition to the production facilities the company is now able to offer a small fish market and seafood restaurant called Vihiluodon Kalakauppa ja Keittiö.

It is an excellent fishery for local people as well as for fish lovers traveling up north. The new premises also have conference and sauna facilities.

The Kitchen

Vihiluodon Keittiö prepares fish dishes on the spot from fresh fish as well as serves cold and hot smoked salmon from their own smokehouse. The kitchen uses local whitefish, perch, pike, trout and salmon from both the Gulf of Bothnia and the Arctic Ocean.

The kitchen cooks simple and tasty local food, which is based on the seasonal fish.

The daily menu has three to four different types of seafood options and Classic Menu contains traditional Finnish fish cuisine from the butter fried whitefish with mashed potatoes to creamy salmon soup.

The Fish Market

The fish market offers freshly caught fish that is ready to the pan, oven, grill or smoke oven. It is very hard to resist the cold smoked salmon, which has got it´s picante smoke taste out of alder sawdust.

Vihiluodon Kala have their own fish products including salted salmon, flamed salmon, smoked whitefish and salmon and cold smoked salmon. From the fish market you can also purchase other local foods such as potatoes, vegetables and herbs. On Fridays you can buy bread straight from the oven made from the house recipe.

The Conference Facilities

Vihiluodon Kala´s modern conference facilities are suitable for meetings, training days and celebrations. There is also a 10-person sauna available for smaller groups. Vihiluodon Keittiö tailors catering according to your wishes, whether it is an afternoon meeting or a larger family celebration.

The Brand

Vihiluodon Kala has trusted traditional methods of manufacture and craftsmanship.

Fish is handled by hands not mechanically. It is smoked with alder sawdust from Hailuoto in the traditional manner as it has been done for hundreds of years.

The liquid smoke is never used. Flamed salmon spice mixture is a self-developed and used only on Vihiluoto´s flamed salmon.

Vihiluodon Kala Oy has invested in the quality and freshness of the fish. The fish products fast and reliable delivery to the customers has helped to guarantee their quality. Their business is based on local food ideology and most of the fish comes from Northern Finland´s clean waters.

For more information please contact:

Heidi Helanen
Sales Manager
+358 50 379 5585


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